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Everybody deserves a space that fits your daily needs and finding the right arrangement, layout, or pieces can be a challenge.  There are many levels and layers to space planning.  Hannam Design has completed work within living spaces, re-worked entire floors, added to homes, and more.  Your interiors are an oasis from the outside world and should reflect the needs and demands you have.  Space planning can be used for a range of reason, such as support for furniture purchasing or how to expand your current home to fit your growing family. Big or small, complex or simple, space planning will transform your space and ensure the investment of change you make to it.   Schedule your initial consultation today and begin to build a framework and discover the roots necessary for space planning and your future investment! 

Frequently completed space planning work includes.

     kitchen layouts

     bathroom layouts

     furniture layouts

     retail fixtures 

     commercial workspace or stations

     lobby and check-out

     additions to existing homes or spaces

     new home layouts

Below is an example of a space planning session completed for a client.  Once opened, use the rotate button at the top to navigate the pages that are landscape.  This session proceeded an initial consultation.

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