Everybody deserves a space that fits your daily needs.  There are many levels and layers to space planning.  Hannam Design has completed work within living spaces, re-worked entire floors, added to homes, and more.  Your interiors are an oasis from the outside world and should reflect the needs and demands you have.  Big or small, complex or simple, space planning will transform your space.  The first goal is to simply work within your space and use what you already have.  Chances are, you already have what it takes and just need a professional touch to complete your space and achieve the balance you deserve!

After our initial consultation, your goals will be evident, laying out furniture is the next step. Every room has its own unique challenges (size, traffic flow, and window layout are just a few) and every piece of furniture has its own demands. A television, for instance, requires seating for viewers. Aligning the demands of your space, the furnishings in it, and desires you have, is what space planning is all about.

A space planning consultation will begin with measuring your space, taking inventory and cataloging your furniture by measuring it and evaluating the pieces with their future use.  Following this work, a proposal will provide deliverables.  Most space planning sessions includes next steps of;; conceptual floor plans showing applicable layouts and often vision boards to showcase the space aesthetically. With your feedback,  a final plan and renderings will be provided. Renderings or elevations are used to show additional details not visible in the plan view.  This will also help you finalize what all you should keep within the space.  Sometimes the final look will amount to an internal re-arrangement and I’m able to use pieces from the existing room and other rooms of your home.  If more furnishings are needed or desired, a specification list can be produced for you to shop from. Not interested in shopping?  You can hire Hannam Design to do the shopping with or without you and provide a complete installation from proposal to implementation.  

Hannam Design is happy to provide relevant examples of space planning work completed for projects that are similar to yours.