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The initial consultation is the first step for any project big or small. The initial consultation is valuable to provide both project and relational insight. Design and construction require a great deal of trust and this meeting is your chance to determine whether the relationship feels right to you.  It is also a great opportunity to gain insight into your vision and determine how Hannam Design can align with your desires. A one-hour initial consultation is $ 90.00.  This initial consultation will include design education, project logistics, and feasibility.  This appointment will include pre or post homework to maximize the time and support of this first step.  Regardless of your next steps, this consultation will be worth your time and investment, ensuring project progression.  Below are a few goals for the initial consultation,

Understanding you!  Your family, your style preferences, your likes and dislikes. Determining these preferences insure support and assistance in your project.  If you aren’t certain of these preferences, the pre-appointment homework and planning survey will help you better understand them.  


Discovering your "WHY". Understanding how you currently live and desire to live is essential for re-design and alignment.  This leads us to discovering the "why" behind your needs of updating or building and ensures your complete project is a solution and not just a new space. This step often seems reduce stress and overuse of Pinterest or Houzz since it will begin to narrow and focus your needs.

Understanding how you make decisions. To form a successful team, it is important to know how you like to work and communicate. Some clients prefer minimal options while others like many.  Some clients make decisions fast and others prefer more time.  Some clients make joint decision and others do not. Understanding your process helps tailor the process to you.


Understanding your budget.  Upon knowing your desired budget, the goal is to create a design that you CAN implement (aka fits within your budget!).   That doesn’t mean the exact plan always gets implemented and sometimes there may not be funds to accomplish everything you hope for, but proper planning and understanding upfront will provide the best chance to optimize the use of your funds.


Understanding your timeline and goals. Knowing your schedule is an important component during any project. If you leave for a vacation every spring and are gone for an extended length of time, that might be the perfect time to remodel the kitchen, which means the time to start preparing is in the fall so we have everything ready and can begin when you are gone.

The Proposal.  After the initial consult is completed, a customized proposal will be e-mailed.  It will contain a defined scope, objectives, and define next steps necessary. The proposal will contain an estimate of the hours, product and/or labor required for the defined scope. Some projects require consultation time only and others require a mix of consultation, product, labor and full implementation costs.  The initial consultation ensures the proposal will be a customized plan, aligned to you and your needs. The proposal will not contain any design work, its purpose is to summarize and organize the work completed in the initial consultation and propose design and/or work necessary to complete that.

Consultation time is one of the least expensive parts of a project, however, it has one the largest impacts. Less expensive materials, when properly utilized because of good design, will look better than more expensive materials in a poor design. This is exactly why you are looking to hire a professional, right?! The cost of design work has proven to provide clients less stress, happiness, and project success.  Click here to see a range of hours for common projects.  Be sure to visit the portfolio page to see how design work has impacted these final projects or contact Hannam Design for referrals and examples of work relevant to your project.

The proposal will be summited within 2-4 days of the initial consultation.  Once summited you may add, eliminate, or adjust the proposal however you wish. Adapting the proposal to fit your needs and project demands will ensure a successful next step. Click here to see the ways I work and what may be applicable to your project.

To schedule your consultation, click here

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