We spend most of our lives inside different spaces and places and they should fit our needs and inspire our lives.  Hannam Designs is a full service Interior Design Firm that believes interior spaces can be the best way to treat our lifestecan be used to treat and design lifestyles.  everybody deserves an interior oasis that provides harmony and balance to their everyday lives.  Most spaces are ready to go, it just takes an understanding and experience to make it fit.  Megan Hannam is a professional Interior Designer and ready to help make your space fit you!  With over twelve years of Interior Design experience, Megan is equipped and experienced to help take your project to the next level!   Whether you need a few adjustments to your existing space or perhaps a full overhaul, consider Hannam Designs for your project.  Schedule an initial consultation today so we can get started.

Megan Hannam

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“I am a creative…. working to serve and inspire people’s everyday life.  My professional vehicle for this is my work as an Interior Designer and I am eager to share that with you.”


Megan graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design.  With over twelve years of experience in Interior Design and emphasis in Kitchen remodeling she has completed projects in many spaces; interior, exterior, soft commercial, event design, seasonal design, and set design.


Megan has had projects featured in the Cedar Valley Home and Garden magazine, the Cedar Valley Parade of Homes,  recognized as a 20 under 40 recipients in the Cedar Valley, which showcases leaders in their careers and community within the Cedar Valley, and most recently nominated for a "best of the best" in remodeling.  She has shared her work and research with students by serving as an adjunct in the Design Department at the University of Northern Iowa and also through a series of community workshops. She is passionate about her community and the people and places within the community. 


Megan feels that everybody is deserving of a great space and she knows that even the simplest changes to an interior or exterior space can cast a positive reflection on one’s daily life.  Megan knows that the perfect design poses many puzzling challenges, but she enjoys solving each puzzle and guiding people through the process.


Outside of her work as a designer, Megan works to holistically combine other areas that keep her creative spirit alive.  Yoga, nature, mindful movement, and LOTS of time with her husband and greyhound keep a smile on her face and light up her soul.  Her love and inspiration for design is not just limited to interiors and building, but also that of art, fashion, and event design. 

She focuses her work and attributes her growth to the relationships she has made in her community and through her work.  Relationships and understanding of oneself is critical to her work as a designer and is a critical component to the value she feels she can provide.    She quoted a student that she felt said it best. 

             "Design is knowing who your client is not just what they want" -Sidney Ege 


From Traditional to Contemporary, Megan will educate, guide and help implement almost any project you can dream of. Call to schedule your initial consultation today and let Megan get started on creating a dream space for you. 

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