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Below are albums of completed projects.  They are organized by project and most include before, after, and various design drawings involved.  The albums are organized this way to give you a good look into the process Hannam Design takes while also providing visuals of results!  Due to vantage point and privacy requests, a full project can rarely be captured, so if you are curious to know more about any specific project or the process involved, please email your questions here


A mudroom serves many uses and deserves time and attention to ensure the space it supportive to its users.  For this project, we needed to accommodate a variety of uses, while also ensuring the space aesthetically fit with the home.  Everyday entrance needs, laundry, cleaning, storage, overflow for guests, and of course the needs of their cherished 4-legged feline were the many uses this space needed to support.  The style needed to fit elements of the existing home (specifically trim and rustic paneling) while also serving as a modern kick-starter for future cabinetry remodeling, they are planning to do in the rest of the home. Nestled deep into the Galena Territories, this space now fits the home and its owners!


A clean and quick kitchen remodel!  This kitchen's previous owner used original Hoosier cabinets for their cabinetry and countertops, of which they took with them upon moving out.  This left the new owner with an empty space to fill to her preferences.  While the installation went quick, the design and planning still required time and attention to design.  This home had many unique features and the client wished to include them into the new design.  Taking time to ensure a modern functioning kitchen, while still caring details of the past was an accepted and cherished challenge!  The final design plan provided the client great storage and workspace, along with furniture inspired uppers to display her beautiful collections.  The colors were selected to fit the existing home's style while and to help lighten up the space.  This kitchen fits it's new owner while looking like it's always been there, the best result for historical remodels!


Kitchen and main level remodel: Bumping out four feet, move the kitchen 10' east, exposing the vaulted ceiling, and removing a center closet all combined to take this project from one level to the next!  The clients have an active family, and they LOVE to be in the kitchen.  This kitchen is indeed the heart of the home, a workhorse and social space all in one!  Sleek cabinetry and easy to maintain finishes suite their aesthetic preferences and provide a durable solution for the use and abuse this space may need to endure over the many years ahead!  The main kitchen includes a linear work concept with cabinetry designed to be open while in use. The dining room cabinetry serves as a secondary station for quick clean-up before meals, entertainment overflow for friends, and most importantly storage for the kids crafts and family games! The front entry was moved to the place of the old kitchen and now allows for easy in and out, plus a great bank of cabinetry to support a command center and pantry storage.  Setting next to a nature destination, these clients now have their own indoor oasis to enjoy!