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Colonial-Cottage Revival

Long time homeowners, Mike and Sue, were ready to remodel for the final time!  Nearly 20 years ago they updated their kitchen and added a square 21 x 21 foot addition that includes the family room you see pictured in the before photos.  This addition and remodel provided a sound solution for many years and Megan can personally attest to that because this is her family home.  However, it was done in the 90s  and bigger was better.. nothing else.  So when her parents came to her ready to begin their second and final remodel,  Megan couldn't wait to get her hands on this project, literally and physically! The kitchen is a galley and serves as the main highway in the home.  The galley layout remained but Megan implemented many great additions to update it's function and flow.  It was important to make this kitchen "fit" on all levels, relationally, aesthetically and functionally!  The remodel provided an opportunity to blend the new and the old home together properly.  Modernizing the older home and adding architectural details to the new addition.  In the end, the remodel provided a gateway for revival! For Mike and Sue, their home and life.  For Megan, her soul!


Homeowners Liz and Tyler recently purchased this home and knew right away they would need to add space for their growing family.  A full in-depth design plan was provided that included different ways to achieve the added space they hoped for.  A few of their additional needs were adding a master suite, main floor laundry, extra bedrooms, and an office.  Kitchen, bathroom, flooring and fireplace remodel competed the rest.  Megan presented ways solutions that involved building up or building out. In the end, they chose to build out, extending the main and lower levels to achieve the needs they had. During this addition, every existing space got remodeled and updated to the clients preferences.  This project involved so many levels and layers of planning, design, and construction needs.  Too many to capture in the story or images provided here.  Please inquire if you have a similar project or wish to know more.  Additional work provided for this client can be shared for example needs.

Master Elegance 

A major master bathroom overhaul!  This remodel provided a brand-new layout, separated shower and bath, customized storage, and the increased lighting the client has waited to long for!  See how this space was transformed from beginning to end.  The re-design maximized spaces and fixtures by joining the space with the adjacent powder bathroom and combining two faucets into one sink for a modern dual vanity.  The cabinetry was designed to concealed and customized storage.  Removing walls opened increased the daylight and left the space light and bright!  Finishing the space in natural, yet bold finishes fulfilled the homeowner’s classic, artistic tastes!

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