The following project galleries are of most recently completed projects and organized in the following format: after photo(s), drawings and/or support docs, after photos, and before photos. These photos, references, and documents are included to showcase what is involved on projects and to support the process used to go from before to after.  Unfortunately, due to vantage, time and privacy, not all work is shown online.  Upon client request, project support or reference, these photos may be shared directly.  Please inquire about any projects you see to learn more! Click on any gallery photo for a larger view. Click on the button at the end of this page to see a full portfolio of completed projects.  


The clients were ready to invest in their home and remodel it to their needs.  What began as a kitchen remodel finished as a full new home!  Hannam Design proposed a layout that allowed them to turn one under used living room into an office, bedroom, and powder bathroom.  Enhancing their main level and supporting the needs of their family.  Opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home, adjusting the entryway, opening up their staircase, and adding a mudroom were big players in this project.  Oh, and can we mention the class overhead door that opens up to a new sunroom.  There are so many levels and layers to discuss with this project, so please inquire to learn more.  This family was forced to live elsewhere during the project but now are home for what they hope to be many years to come!


Kitchen and main level remodel: Bumping out four feet, move the kitchen 10' east, exposing the vaulted ceiling, and removing a center closet all combined to take this project from one level to the next!  The clients have an active family, and they LOVE to be in the kitchen.  This kitchen is indeed the heart of the home, a workhorse and social space all in one!  Sleek cabinetry and easy to maintain finishes suite their aesthetic preferences and provide a durable solution for the use and abuse this space may need to endure over the many years ahead!  The main kitchen includes a linear work concept with cabinetry designed to be open while in use. The dining room cabinetry serves as a secondary station for quick clean-up before meals, entertainment overflow for friends, and most importantly storage for the kids crafts and family games! The front entry was moved to the place of the old kitchen and now allows for easy in and out, plus a great bank of cabinetry to support a command center and pantry storage.  Setting next to a nature destination, these clients now have their own indoor oasis to enjoy!


This lower level went from undone to done with the invest of great finishes and space planning.  The men in this household were making do with their unfinished space, but like most women, the wife wanted something better for them!  New epoxy floors, addition of drywall on walls and ceiling and fresh paint, some accent finishes brought this space up to speed with the rest of their home.  Defining a workspace for the husband behind the sliding doors and the addition of the kitchenette, allowed this spaces use to expand to more than one.  The kids can still enjoy rough-housing on the large rug and the parents can entertain during sporting events- a win, win for this family!  


This new space now fits it's users like a glove! A master suite gets a simple, sleek, and sophisticated update to support the clients very specific routines and behaviors.  A bathroom is used every day and can either make or break your day. It doesn't stop at being beautiful.  A bathroom is an intimate space and so is the process to remodel it correctly.  Consider time and support for your needs in the space that might be making you limp.  Professional attention will help you to uncover your needs and discover everyday support and solutions for your space.  This is the heart of the work at Hannam Design.


Kitchen remodel and Master Suite addition: Homeowners Liz and Tyler recently purchased this home and knew right away they would need to add space for their growing family.  A full in-depth design plan was provided that included different ways to achieve the added space they hoped for.  A few of their additional needs were adding a master suite, main floor laundry, extra bedrooms, and an office.  Kitchen, bathroom, flooring and fireplace remodel competed the rest.  Megan presented ways solutions that involved building up or building out. In the end, they chose to build out, extending the main and lower levels to achieve the needs they had. During this addition, every existing space got remodeled and updated to the clients' preferences.  This project involved so many levels and layers of planning, design, and construction needs.  Too many to capture in the story or images provided here.  Please inquire if you have a similar project or wish to know more.  Additional work provided for this client can be shared for example needs.


A major master bathroom overhaul!  This remodel provided a brand-new layout, separated shower and bath, customized storage, and the increased lighting the client has waited to long for!  See how this space was transformed from beginning to end.  The re-design maximized spaces and fixtures by joining the space with the adjacent powder bathroom and combining two faucets into one sink for a modern dual vanity.  The cabinetry was designed to concealed and customized storage.  Removing walls opened increased the daylight and left the space light and bright!  Finishing the space in natural, yet bold finishes fulfilled the homeowner’s classic, artistic tastes!