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Below are albums of completed projects.  They are organized by project and most include before, after, and various design drawings involved.  The albums are organized this way to give you a good look into the process Hannam Design takes while also providing visuals of results!  Due to vantage point and privacy requests, a full project can rarely be captured, If you are curious to know more about any specific project or the process involved, please email your questions here.  Testimonials from many of these clients can be found on our google review page here.


Hannam Design focuses on remodeling and working within.  BUT every once and a while, special requests come in.  For this project Hannam Design was requested to assist with the architecture and building components, along with the interior design and cabinetry.  The Clients had purchased a home and planned to tear it down and build new.  The alignment for this project was due to the fact the clients cared about the new home fitting into the existing neighborhood and style of homes. They tasked Hannam Design to help them create a modern home, that fit the neighborhood... essentially "new construction-remodeling" if we can claim that as a term.  What was born... a home that is functional, modern, but fits! This gallery showcases the interior only and is organized with a few overview photos and then broken down to show the design process with the actual.


Retiring from farming, these clients were selling off one lifestyle and moving into another...lake living! They had plans to build a beautiful new home, positioned on the southern shore of a cute lake town.  The client was very involved with this project and took upon the bulk of the pre-planning work, the architecture and scale of the home were very important to her, to ensure it fit its designated lot and surrounding homes.  She invited Hannam Design in to take on the kitchen layout, cabinetry design, and remaining cabinetry needed for the home.  Her preferred style, tastes, and unique heirlooms created a unique and beautiful path for all the cabinetry design solutions you see included. She wanted the main spaces to be warm yet minimal.  For the spaces more tucked away, like the butler's pantry, we got to have a lot of fun with design in unexpected ways! The gallery is organized with a few overview photos and then broken down to show the design process with the actual.