After your initial consultation a proposal will be provided. All proposals contain the following.



Deliverables provide project vision.  They give added value and ensure proper project implementation if you or another contractor plans to complete the plan.  Here are some deliverables your project may include.

·        Floor plans.

·        Elevations or space renderings

·        Installation documents

·        Material Specifications: including flooring, tile, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, all trim, hardware and more.

·        Purchasing List

·        Construction/Project management services (to oversee outside general contractors).



All projects will require a different type of implementation plan.  Some may only include Hannam Design, while others will need a full team of sub-contractors.  During the initial consultation, we will determine what sub-contractors, if any will be necessary for your job.  Hannam Design has a full team of sub-contractors that can compete the design plan.  Some clients wish to manage their own project or bring in their own sub-contractors.  All projects are different and this partnership will be discussed upon initial consultation.  The project will determine the need. Regardless, a solid team will need to be formed to complete whatever plan is approved.

Time Frame & Fees

Design consultation is necessary for any project.  It will ensure proper organization, education, and alignment for your project needs and goals.  In the end satisfaction and successful implementation. 


Hannam Design is often hired on a consultation basis only.  Professional consultation will ensure your project with expertise and experience but then allow you to implement however you wish.  Consultation services are great for for DIYers who have the skills and resources but lack the professional expertise or experience.  Consultation has been proven to provide great support for their ambitions!

Small projects can be delivered in several days or several weeks. More complex project may take two or more months.


Depending on deliverables and project complexity or objectives,  here are some approximations of the hours required for specific projects:


Kitchen, Bathroom, or other interior layout drawings: 12-20

Kitchen Cabinetry Design: 15-30

Bathroom Cabinetry Design: 8-15

Materials Specifications: 8-15
Custom Built-ins: 5-12
Fireplace Design: 5-10

Paint Consultation: 1-3

Home Organization: 5-15

Event Design: 8-16

Seasonal Design: 8-16

Set/Pop-up Design: 3-8

Individual Space Renovation: (bedroom, living room, etc.): 5-10

Space planning consultation: 3-4
Complete Home Renovation: 12-100+


**pricing is based upon $ 75/hour  

*projects outside of Blackhawk county will include travel and/or trip charge of which will be presented prior to your approval

**consultation rates will be increased Jan 2022 


Note: an proposal of hours and deliverables will be presented prior to starting any design work.  A client approval along with 50% deposit will be required prior to beginning the work proposed.