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After your initial consultation a proposal will be provided if additional design work is required or requested.  All projects are unique and require a variety of design support and time.  The proposal it essentially a contract that includes design work, time, and goals.  While all proposals content and goals are different, all proposals will include the following format.

Project Scope

This is a verbal statement of discovery, needs, and goals. The project scope is updated with each new proposal and provides clarity to the objectives found in the deliverables.


Deliverables outline the consultation tasks that will be completed to support the discovery, needs and goals that are outlined in the project scope.  Deliverables are objectives or otherwise known as the "how" portion of the proposal.   Here are some deliverables your project may include.

·        Pre-Design work: space/user analysis, bubble diagrams, rough floor plans

         Presentation floor plans

·        Elevations or space renderings

         Visual boards

         Showroom appointment 

·        Installation documents

         Building documents

·        Material Specifications: including flooring, tile, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, all trim, hardware and more.

·        Purchasing List

·        Construction/Project management services (to oversee outside general contractors).



Hours and Timeline

Hannam Design can work on consultation only, full turnkey, OR a hybrid and this relationship will be discussed and discovered during the initial consultation.

Consultation for small projects can be delivered in several days or several weeks, depending on the level of work requested or required. More complex project may take two or more months.  Hannam Design is sensitive to your goals and needs and will ensure that proposals align with them.  Most average sized projects require 2-4 consultation sessions to complete the pre-design and design phase.  Proposals are provided one session at a time, to ensure the right support and service, nothing more or less than you need, or your project requires. 


Below are *average approximations of time allowances for specific projects and design needs. 

(*your project may require more or less hours than the ranges listed) 

Conceptual Design for Kitchen, Bathroom, or other interior/exterior spaces: 12-25

Kitchen Cabinetry Design: 15-30

Bathroom Cabinetry Design: 8-15

Materials Specifications: 8-15
Custom Built-ins: 8-15
Fireplace Design: 8-12

Paint Consultation: 1-3

Space Planning for furniture in new or existing home, furniture, rooms, offices etc: 8-12 

Onsite Space planning consultation: 3-4
Full Home Renovation: 12-100

New Home Design: 12-100

Addition Design: 12-20


pricing is based upon $ 90/hour  

*Projects outside of Blackhawk County will include travel and/or trip charge of which will be presented prior to your approval

Payment Schedule Note: Hannam Design requires a 50% deposit, of total proposed hours, along with a signed copy of the proposal prior to beginning the work.  The balance is due at the presentation appointment OR in advance if the presentation appointment is on zoom.  Certain project types may warrant a customized payment schedule and that can be discussed upon submission.

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