Kitchens are more than doors, drawers and fixtures.  They are the heart of your home and most likely a space you use every day and more than once!  Designing and building them to operate like an extension of your right hand, will ensure they positively impact your daily life.  It takes a professional understanding and experience to create a plan and design to connect space, use, and all the features that it involves.  Hannam Design believes taking extra time, planning, and consideration early on for of all details, will ensure your space is well worth any investment you want to make.  

Kitchen Design Deliverables

A complete kitchen design likely requires some or all the following elements:


     User analysis and inventory of needs, wants. and desires

     Laying out walls, floor plan and/or other structures.

     Considering special architectural features 

     Considering ventilation, appliance and sink locations

     Finish selection, sourcing and/or supply

     Cabinetry design and supply

     Cabinet decorative hardware selection, specification, or buying list

     Sink and faucet specificaiton, sourcing and/or supply

     Appliance specification and sourcing

     Lighting design sourcing and/or supply

     Electrical plan and design

     Paint color selection

Countertop Selection:  An overview of applicable surfaces and materials education will be provided for every client in this phase. Providing options to consider and advisement to determine what will achieve your aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs for your kitchen remodel.

Backsplash Selection:  The options are nearly endless but not all work great in a kitchen or your specific application.  We will look at all options from look, cleanability, and price to determine what will best enhance your new kitchen.

Cabinetry Selection and Design:  According to your needs and desires, Hannam Design will design the layout and specify a cabinetry package fit for you, starting with material selection (wood, composites, stainless steel, and aluminum are common options), and a functional, aesthetically-pleasing layout. Hannam Design has an exclusive cabinet manufacturer, Great Northern Cabinetry, that can build any cabinetry package at a reasonable price, timeframe, and with quality in mind. Constructing your cabinets locally gives creative flexibility in my designs and a more responsive partner than with large bulk manufacturing cabinet plants.

Built-ins:  custom eating nooks, built Ins, pantry built Ins, office built ins, breakfast bar built Ins, wine rack built ins, and shelving… The possibilities are endless!!

Hardware:  decorative door and cabinet pulls, handles, and knobs are the frosting on the cake.  Not all are alike and not all function as you need. It will be key to marry function and aesthetics for a hardware piece that lasts!

Flooring: Hannam Design will educate you on all options to consider and then align what could be applicable to your project. We will select material, style, and layout if necessary.

Lighting:   The most important principle of design yet the first to be overlooked.  Good lighting is very important to make any design look and function properly.  Items to consider are:  assessing general and specific light requirements for the kitchen’s areas, assessing the existing electrical layout and the cost of changes, the creation of a lighting plan to locate can-lighting, pendant lighting, and recess lighting, selection, or lighting fixtures

Fixtures and Sinks:   Evaluating the cost of moving plumbing fixtures to new locations, Selection of plumbing fixtures and sinks.

Appliances:   Evaluating the costs of moving appliances to new locations. Selection of kitchen appliances.

Kitchens are an investment! Find out how Hannam Design can add value to your investment, big or small, by scheduling an initial consultation today!