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ART is art, it is natural, organic, living and ALWAYS changing…

I have learned to allow my inner artist to express itself as it might desire, instead of directing it to where I feel it should go! I create art to connect to myself and others through purposeful offerings.  I believe we are all artists but most often lack the materials, desire or time to create what we truly need… but we have a desire to create and whatever level that is, I want to work with you.  I want to enhance the artist in you.  This style and form of artistry has allowed me to combine my everyday profession as a kitchen and interior designer with my passion of art to fulfill a purpose you help define. 

Orders and commissioned requests always welcome!  E-mail for more information.

cedar valley sportsplex megan hannam art watercolor

Whimsical Renderings

A collection of visual illustrations representing community, and creating connections.  The original collection features a total of twelve illustrations with a mix of private residences and public places in and around the Cedar Valley.  Originals are custom framed and available for sale.  Connections, communication, and development involved for each piece was recorded and shared  through a brief paragraph or poetic notation.  Commissioned projects are being completed and the collection is expanding as demand and visions come!  Cards and small prints are for sale. 

Medium: ink and watercolor pencil

Dynamic Drawings

Large scaled, geometric drawings. Encouraging and suggesting direction, flow and movement. No collection established, working under apprentice to develop.  Works in progress!

Medium: charcoal

Large Scale Contemporary

Large scaled, organic abstracts on reclaimed flat boards or canvas. Sizes vary from 2’ to 8’ and all framing is piece pending.

Medium: acrylic paint, often mixed with

textured medium. Completed on stretched

canvas or reclaimed wood and or surfaces.

Earth to Ear 

A small collection of wearable art. Collected and inspired by walks in nature.  Each piece is a mix of elements found in nature, with no additional enhancement except creative assembly.  The rawness represents the beauty found in simplicity.  Designed to be an artful reminder for all to be your basic, raw, beautiful self!


Medium: copper, driftwood, glass beads, wood

Functional Sculptures


A unique collection of useful sculptures. Photos coming soon.

Medium: varies- plywood, reclaimed, or any scrap material.

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