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The seminars listed below are from a series "Creating Home".    Click here to see the original flyer and overall series information. This series has been presented. If you have a presentation need, please e-mail your requests.
other workshops given: kitchen remodeling 101, bathroom facelifts, KBIS design trends released

A functional space is more than buying and fitting “things” into the latest and greatest organizational device.  It’s about understanding and assembling a space to fit a purpose aligned to it’s user.  This series will help you define your space, determine it’s purpose, help you implement changes, and most importantly, uncover the beauty that lies within!  If you are willing to put in the time, a functional space shouldn't cost a dime! 

Learn the what, the why, the how and leave encouraged to go put sustaining practices to the test!

*disclaimer: function=fitting, space=environment…..


I really enjoyed your class! I have been working on some of these techniques before your class in my 'space' but hadn't put a name to it and hadn't been doing the other 3 steps! My big thing up until your class was, 'simplify, simplify, simplify!' I've been working on making our spaces work well for us, we transitioned from a two-story house to an apartment. As you can imagine, there has been a huge need to refine, simplify, declutter and get creative with my organizational systems! - Kelsey, Cedar Falls

Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed the Functional Space’s workshop! My favorite nugget...

“Sit in your space and let it be.” 

Speaks to me a million:)  -Katie, Cedar Falls

Please sign me up for the workshop next month, I want to come! In the meantime,  you may find this interesting. Since there isn't anything I feel I need to do to my house to improve - I've decided one thing that really bugs me is my wardrobe. I want to simplify, scale down, and minimize my clothes. I just don't need it and I find its stressing me out. So as I listen to you at your seminar I've figured I’m going to apply some of your concepts to just living a much more minimalistic life when it comes to my wardrobe.   Thanks for your inspiration!!!!     -Cindy, Cedar Falls


I went home right away and pulled my cutting board out.  It will now sit out, be used and change my daily routine.  Thank you for the simple encouragement.  It provided permission I had yet to find in the world and others around me.  -Jon



Hospitable Spaces are all about the user to space experience. This series will help you define purpose, cultivate supporting spaces, to create lasting experiences.  From work to home, large and small, new or outdated…our spaces can lend support to defined needs, no matter of their size, style, state or the stuff in them. Work presentations, staff meeting, small dinners, and visiting friends are all gatherings within space, that are sure to create an experience.  By setting style, stuff and entertainment aside, Hospitable Spaces will focus on the space and those in it, ultimately using space as a tool to provide comfort, oneness and belonging to all whom enter.  Set the worry of “things” aside and uncover helpful and accessible techniques for your space to support an experience to remember!


"I absolutely found my time well-used! Thanks for offering a FREE (which makes it much more doable for me) workshop with a manageable time length. 

 I appreciate your insight and left with some ideas for making the spaces I spend my time in and/or prepare for others more hospitable.

 Thanks again, Megan! I hope I can make it to the next one!"



click here for full class outline

Are you in a state of flux?  Caught in the middle of a challenge or change?  Transitions are a fact of life and some happen daily.  Emotions, profession, family, and finances are just a few things that are affected by transitions AND they also affect our transitions.  The other big one.... the SPACE in which we live, work, and play.


This workshop will share support that is sustainable, easy to implement, and sure to soothe any transition you may be facing. 


Large or small.... 

work or play.... 

physical or mental.... 

what's your transition today?  How are you managing it?  Have you considered the role your space is playing in it?


It might be moving across the country OR across the hall..

It might be preparing for a wedding OR a funeral...

It might be taking a weeklong vacation OR spending one night out of town...

It may be re-arranging your living room OR remodeling your entire home... 


here for full class outline here 

Let's face it, we are descendants of makers and have an innate quality to create.  So I believe everybody is a creative!  Let's Go beyond "art" and explore our inner creative.  Considering all types of creatives, every bodies tools, tasks, and tastes are very different. Setting those aside, The Creative Spaces workshop look further into the support and foundation one may need to strengthen their craft and develop a space that supports it. 

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