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Small adjustments can make your space feel new, fresh and supportive to your current lifestyle and needs.  Hannam Design can assist you through the choices and education of change to ensure you get the results you want.  Hannam Design can assist you on a consultation basis only or provide you with a full turn-key option.  Book an initial consultation to help determine the best plan, resources and/or suppliers to complete the space face-lift you desire!  


Painting: Paint is cheap, readily available, and makes a HUGE impact and quick change to your interior.  A color mood survey may be assigned to help find the correct new hue and shade for your space.  You are welcome to shop and paint yourself or allow Hannam Design to refer and/or manage getting the work completed.  

Window Treatments: Window treatments are more than just decorative; they play a huge role in our daily routine.  Whether picking out curtains, shades, glass, shutters, molding, cornices, or any other type of window treatment. Using trusted partners and suppliers, Hannam Design can assist your design, selection, or sourcing needs.

Flooring: Hardwood or tile? Carpet or area rugs? Education will be provided to help with selection of the perfect color, style, material and finish. Hannam Design has access to reputable flooring brands and uses experienced installers to complete all flooring projects.


Countertops: Granite, quartz, laminate, wood, or another solid surface, the list is endless for countertop choices. Education on countertop options will be provided to help guide you to the find the best materials for your project.  Changing the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom provides an instant facelift for your home, updates the performance, and can better support your usage needs. Updating the plumbing fixtures at this time will also ensure your function and aesthetical goal can be met.  Hannam Design can take care of everything from removal to installation using her trusted fabricators and product suppliers.

Backsplash: Like countertops, adding or updating a backsplash, will also provide an instant facelift for your space.  Tile, wood, stone and many more products can be applied to provide depth and texture to your space.  These elements of design are important for any space and might just be the small addition yours needs to feel complete! Hannam Design can help you with selection, supply and installation for a turnkey update.

Lighting and electrical needs: Lighting is one of the biggest overlooked principles of design but yet the most important to creating your best space. A lighting consultation will assess general and specific light requirements for your interior space, the existing electrical layout and the cost of changes, the creation of a lighting plan to locate recessed lighting, pendant lighting, or other specific electrical needs. Lighting plans are released for you to use with your preferred electrician or Hannam Design can provide a preferred electrician to complete the project as proposed.


Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing fixtures are used every day, multiple times a day.  Hannam Design can provide education, specification, sourcing and supply for your plumbing fixture needs.  With access to top brands and reputable installers, Megan can guide you through a choice that will provide your space with an aesthetical and functional update!

Below is an example of a space face-lift. 

Adjusting a few finishes and accents (paint, backsplash, window treatments), provided the client with whole new look and the refresh they desired!




  AFTER: new backsplash, paint, and window treatments  

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