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Workspaces are more than just a place to go and work.  They need to support a variety needs, tasks, demands and people, Understanding the user and how they relate within the workspace is a very important first step.  Additional attention through planning and design will ensure your workspace supports the employee, clients, tasks, and in the end, benefiting the employer's bottom line!   Hannam Design specializes in smaller commercial spaces and can assist on many levels.  Schedule an initial consultation and begin to discover the potential and impact your space has.

Commercial Design Deliverables

All projects very, here are a few of the most common deliverables Hannam Design uses for project support


    *User analysis and inventory of needs, wants. and desires

     Laying out walls, floors, and other spatial structures.

     Finish specification 

     Millwork design and specification

     Lighting design and specification 

     Space planning

     Furniture specification, sourcing and/or supply

     Fixture specification, sourcing and/or supply

*Ask about a workplace audit if you want to enhance employee production, increase retention, and better the lives of those working for you!

visit the Hannam Design portfolio to see completed commercial projects.


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