Event Design & Planning: From the smallest gathering to the largest party, all events require logistical implementation from what sets on the table to how the food is served.  Hannam Design can design and implement the perfect setting for your gathering, large or small.  Maybe you just need a few conceptual ideas to get you started or perhaps you need a full plan with all details, we can create a package that works for you.  With a personal passion and great experience hosting many events, we will work collaboratively to help you put a personal touch on any party you wish to throw!


Custom Artwork: see other projects for some examples, otherwise inquire about commissioned needs

Home Organization: All nooks and crannies can get a little crowded from time to time and being able to sort and organize is one test, but then implementing a system that will stand the test of time is a whole other thing.  Hannam Design will help you from beginning to end to help you sort, organize and purge your crannies and then provide a lasting system to keep you organized for years to come!


Event or Pop-up Design: Preparing for a special holiday?  Or creating a pop-up space that needs design work?  Consider a consultation walk-through combined with design plan for your special event.  This service will not only allow you to make the most of your existing space but also help ease your mind and nerves as your event approaches.  A service that combines professional design with experienced entertaining and all that lies in between.  An event-design plan will incorporate your current surroundings with your desired theme or function to help you conceptualize, implement and enjoy the temporary transition you wish to create.  Onsite consultation can cover most needs with an add-on logistical design/flow analysis.  Click here to view a basic logistical design plan   

Corporate  Retreat Design: Studies prove that spaces and places impact our feelings and actions.  Design and consideration of these spaces will help cultivate and create the environment, conversation, or desired feeling your event needs!  Traditional and non-traditional settings can be utilized to help curate your perfect event and give it a retreat feel.  An example of this would be holding a business meeting in a coffee shop.  A coffee shop is comfortable and helps cultivate conversation.  Holding a business meeting that requires involved conversation would be better hosted in this environment versus a stale conference room.  The coffee shop setting will encourage and support conversation.  Where as a stale conference room might intimidate or keep people from conversing.  Maybe you have the ability to leave the office or perhaps we need to create a retreat within current walls.  We will work creatively to curate the best retreat environment for your corporate needs.  Hannam Design will also work alongside your event planner or will provide any outside professionals necessary to pull all the details together.

Educational Outreach: see workshops completed or reach out with your desired needs. 

see my services and fees for estimated structures

"Megan proposed an event logistic plan for my wife's surprise birthday party. was an absolute delight to work with on planning, coordinating, and best utilizing our home for our party!  She's the 'full package' for party planning in her holistic approach.  She has a keen eye for tasteful decor that enhanced the ambiance and was in line with the theme for our party; she has impeccable attention to those details which, undoubtedly, positively impacted how our guests experienced the evening; she was responsive, thorough, and thoughtful in all of her communication; and, most of all, she was attentive to my hopes for the party and delivered far beyond any of my expectations.  Megan presented several ideas and recommendations to me, and she allowed me to decide what would work best for me, something I greatly appreciated about her approach.  With Megan's help ahead of our party, I was able to simply enjoy the evening without any worry and I would highly recommend her for any and all private, in-home event needs."


- Nathanial